What Exactly is in a Dollar Shots Club Shot?


You’ve just cracked open a fresh Dollar Shots Club shot. Are you a sipper or a shooter? 
Perhaps you gulp the whole thing down at once, or savor the taste over a few satisfying sips. Personally, I’m a sipper. Once the bottle is open, I take a swig, draining about 1/2 the thing out. Then I let it rest for a few minutes before I finish the shot off. This is my pre-work ritual to get things rolling, aside from cranking up Volbeat, Techno, Iron Maiden or some other bit of symphonic gnarliness into my headphones.

My job is inherently creative. I’m a writer. What seems ironic is how well an energy shot works in settling me into my work. That’s counter intuitive. What most people believe is that energy drinks make you bounce off the walls like a sugar-addled 3 year old. Granted, there are some energy drinks that do that to me. Not all energy drinks impact me the same way. Which makes me want to examine why?


I’ve found that there are 2 energy drinks on the market that help keep me in my seat, and unlock my creativity: Red Bull and Dollar Shots Club shots. (Full disclosure, I’m one of the founding members of Dollar Shots Club, and customer #1.) However, that being said, energy drinks are part of my work flow. I’m not about to mess with that. In all fairness to my partners, I went in to this wondering if Dollar Shots could dethrone the bull…or even if I could tell the difference.

I put it to the test, and Dollar Shots Club shots performed great for me! It’s now my first choice for energy drink above all others. Speaking purely functional here, how is it possible for one energy drink to perform better than another? What’s going on here?

Obviously if you drink energy drinks you run the risk of giving your ADD, ADD. Getting jittery is counter productive, and can make you edgy. However premium brands focus on the functional aspect of their products, and Dollar Shots is no exception. Sure you get the hot kick in the head that launches you out of your seat, but then other elements (vitamins, supplements) go to work to help bring you back down to earth. It’s like that adrenaline-filled moment when your snowboard is carving against the deep slope of a black diamond, and you are praying that the edge holds. On the edge is where we sharpen our saws.

Strangely enough, I find that drinking a Dollar Shots before I have to tackle a project helps settle me, and opens up my creativity. Dare I say, it improves my focus. This is in no way a claim. I’m just saying what works for me.

Is this a crutch? Placebo effect? I don’t care. If it works, and it’s not illegal, or fundamentally dangerous to my health, and it gives me an edge, I’m in. We’re not far away from a future where something we ingest (like a pill or a drink) will over-clock your brain power. For a peek into a plausible future, check out Lucy by Luc Besson, or the very realistic movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper.

What’s in a Dollar Shots Club shot that makes them so good for my work product? Let’s take a look at some of the unique ingredients used in Dollar Shots Club shots.

electrical synapseDMAE Bitartrate: There is a lot written about DMAE. The fundamental reason DMAE was selected for inclusion in Dollar Shots Club shots is because “researchers believe that DMAE increases the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that benefits the brain and the central nervous system in general.” Source: http://www.brainpower.org/research/dmae.html


Red dried goji berriesGoji Berry Extract: Webmd.com says that “Some claim that the goji berry is a fountain of youth.” We do NOT make this claim. We’re not saying that drinking our product will make you younger. The reason we decided to use Goji Berry in Dollar Shots Club shots was because it’s supposed to help improve focus, mental well-being and calmness, athletic performance, and happiness.


fresh green tea closeupGreen Tea Extract: Green Tea has a crazy number of claims that have been written about it. On WebMD it’s said that “Green tea is used to improve mental alertness and thinking.” Isn’t that exactly why we drink energy drinks? Why yes, Virginia it is!


Happy celebrating winning success woman sunsetVitamin D3: Sunshine, you say, in every Dollar Shot shot? According to vrp.com “vitamin D3 is one of the most useful nutrition tools we have at our disposal for improving overall health.” Vitamin D3 is manufactured by the body from sunlight, but because we’re indoors and hyper about skin cancer, (or we’ve watched too many vampire movies), we’re doing a good job of blocking sunlight from hitting our skin. So, there are supplements. We’re making no claim that drinking a Dollar Shots Club shot is a replacement for getting outside in the sun. Seriously, get out there!

Dollar Shots Club shots are a functional drink. It’s designed to pick you up, but boost your system with the goodies you need to stay productive. Why not put it to the test for yourself? We’d love to hear from you on what you’ve found. Recently a fan posted to our Twitter (@DollarShotsClub), which said: “I finally had 1. Gave boost, didn’t feel jittery, just alert. Already put two under the seat of my motorcycle…I’ll be back when my supply runs out.” 

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